Friday, March 28, 2008

Gardening Addicts Anonymous?

It has rained every day this week! So my mind gets to wandering and my better half and I were discussing our outdoor activities this season. We discussed, of course, budgeting. With gas prices and everything else going on in the world we have to cut back our spending. I'm sure most people are doing the same. Soooooooooooo it was brought up about my spending on gardening items.

Now my better half gave the opinion that I bought too many plants, bulbs, seeds last year. But he is prejudice he's a "lawn man" for lack of a better word. The more lawn for him to cut the better. Hey, don't ask me why he likes that chore. Now don't get me wrong I like a nice, green, freshly cut lawn as much as anyone else, but flower beds are better. Just my opinion. So I was wondering if I have a gardening addiction.

Are these signs?

** Longing for spring in November.

** Looking through garden catalogs everyday

** Changing your mind 100 times on what you will plant and where.

** Calling in sick to work on the first warm sunny day so you can garden.

** Funny looks from neighbors because you are outside scouring the ground for the first blooms of the season.

** Starting your seeds way too early.

** Your family and friends recognize you when you are bent over pulling weeds as much as they do face to face.

** You greet your friends with "What did you plant? I planted....." instead of "How are you".

** You shop online nurseries and realize your "shopping basket" has $500 worth of items in it and then have to start removing them.

Maybe there is a Gardening Addicts Anonymous for people that are garden addicts like me.

Ah well, who cares. I won't get help! I refuse!


Nancy J. Bond said...

G.A.A. - Gardening Addicts Anonymous. I love it! I don't think you're addicted, just passionate. ;)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Hey, there are worse addictions! This one's pretty healthy. If you're good at seed starting, that's a great way to economize.