Friday, July 18, 2008

Late (Again) - GBBD July 2008

I am late again for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. Ah well I guess better late than never. Carol at May Dream's is hostess for this event. Here are a few blooms and what is happening at my place.
L. speciosum rubrum, RUBRUM LILY - planted last fall from Old House Gardens
White Henryi - planted last fall from Old House Gardens
Ratibida columnifera 'Mexican Hat' - planted this spring from HCG
Heliopsis helianthoides False Sunflower - Planted this spring from local nursery Cox's
Hollyhock's as tall as the house
coreopsis 'autumn blush' - 2nd year
Impatiens Hosta bud getting ready to bloom
Shasta Daisy

Lily - unknown
L D Braithwaite - Planted this spring from David Austin Roses
Clematis - unknown
Coneflower 'Twilight'
Clematis 'Terniflora' - Planted last fall from Brushwood Nursery


Anonymous said...

I love all your GBBD blooms especially the Clematis 'Terniflora' and the Mexican Hat.

Jane Marie said...

I agree that the Mexican Hat is great. I've tried to grow it, but I must do something wrong.

Niels Plougmann said...

Happy to see others lilies doing well since my own are doing so miserably! Your Hollyhocks are amazing. L.D.Braithwaithe seems to be doing great for you! Have a nice week Karen!

Rose said...

Lots of lovely blooms! I've heard of the Mexican hat but have never actually seen one before. Your hollyhocks are huge!
Love your Grandma's rose on Wednesday's post.