Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Signs of Spring

I took a walk around last evening and was surprised to see ..... tulips.
Not crocus, not daffodils but tulips?

Below are my red tulips which face the south side of my home. Last year these didn't start sprouting until March.

Uh-oh a bulb popped out of the ground, I think I'll just push that rascal back in the ground.

Another tulip facing on the north side of my home.

And this morning ....................... snow


Sue said...

As a fellow Hoosier...even farther south...I say YEA to spring!!!

I can't wait. And I am looking forward to following your blog this year as your garden starts to wake up and blossom...

Anonymous said...

Is that snow for real? What an intriguing photo. Not the snow, but the angle with which you took it--from the driver's seat. Very cool. But I'm sure you're not cool about more snow. Hopefully it wasn't too much and your tulip has a chance. I had to re-bury some of my tulip bulbs too. I'm not sure if I planted them too shallow or what but they popped out of the ground, just like yours. Funny.