Friday, May 23, 2008

Go Away Little Black Bird

No rabbits here! I was wrong in my previous post.

I am having some serious problems with a pair of mating black birds. They have taken up residence in our unfinished mini-barn. I have been nagging Warren about finishing it so all these birds will take residence elsewhere. He says he needs help finishing it so by golly I WILL VOLUNTEER!! I'll climb on the roof ANYTHING to save my garden! And this is what happened:

Sunday morning I was sitting outside on the patio sipping my coffee watching all the birds. It was such a beautiful day and you could here all the chirp, chirping and even a gobble, gobble from the wild turkey that have been spotted close by. I'm thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet as I was home alone hee -hee ahh such a great day!

I noticed a blackbird on the roof of our mini barn squawking flapping his wings. Hmmm I'm curious so I watch him for a while, next thing you know he swoops down into my newly planted flower bed and starts pecking at the plants. I see foliage flying up in the air,.... arghhh! I walk, more like run over there and sure enough snipped right off is the foliage of my ornamental sweet potato vine, rose buds on the ground snipped right below the bud, chocolate flower no foliage at all! What the...???? My flower bed I just created this year and JUST finished planting the day before!

I stand there and look up at the roof of the mini barn and there he is just strutting along the roof. I get a little closer ... and he swoops down on ME. This is not good, must be a nest inside the barn, probably with eggs or little baby blackbirds. What to do? I researched on the Internet and came across this site and read some of this; put up a scarecrow, hmm that won't do, he wasn't afraid of me, dogs and cats... hmm I have those too and he's still here; alternative food sources... plenty of that in the feeder on the other side of the house, I see him there all of the time gorging himself! I don't know what to do I guess I may have to resort to row covers, maybe some decoy owls, at least until my plants get their roots established or grow bigger. Oh and of course I'm still nagging Warren about finishing the barn, he's not speaking to me right now. HA!

I have pictures of this bird and the damage he did, but of course my pc is not cooperating with me and I am having trouble uploading.

My previous week of peace and serenity has gone to the opposite this week. Hopefully the weekend will bring better days.


Rose said...

I had no idea blackbirds could do this kind of damage. I have a whole flock of them visiting my yard, but I've never noticed them near my flowerbeds. I have "guard cats" around the house just in case:)

tina said...

It would be neat to see the damage and the bird. I have had finches dig up seeds but they usually go away after a while. Sorry he is such a bother, maybe after the nestlings fly the nest there will be peace?

Babs said...

Karen, that's so awful! I hope you figure out a way to make the birds go away. It could be a very long summer if they decide to stick around. The bird probably moved into your yard because you have the best 'bird salad bar' on the block....

Karen said...

Rose -
I had no idea either. Your cats probably help the situation.
Tina -
When the nestlings fly that is my hope that they will move on.
Babs -
I did introduce some more feeders and different kinds, it was nice because I attracted some woodpeckers and blue jays, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. :)

beckie said...

Karen, gardening can be frustating! The tips sound like good ones, but have you tried the foil pie tins strung on strin? My mother-in-law used that method for years with her new plants. Good luck

Karen said...

Beckie -
Thanks for the tip on the foil pie tins. I never heard of that and will have to give it a try. :)