Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh, Those Pesky Wabbits!

I mentioned to a fellow garden blogger that I didn't have any problems with rabbits. Well no such luck now!
I think I've been cursed from reading blogs from those of you that have rabbit problems! Ok just kidding, I will cast no blame.
Yesterday evening I was taking a walk around my garden and I noticed that one of my containers on the barn porch looked bare. Sure enough the sweet potato vine leaves are gone! I have, or should I say, had the vine planted with an elephant ear bulb in a container. This container is 24" tall. The pesky rabbit had to stand on his hind legs to get to it! What's the deal! Is there a shortage of plants to munch on around the house NO! I have a field behind my house full of munchies!

Is there a reproductive explosion going on? There are twice as many dandelions, moles and now rabbits! I hope this isn't a sign of more pests to come this gardening season.


vonlafin said...

It is just how nature works. We have driven all of their natural predators away, so they continue to multiply. Bummer!

Carol said...

Are you sure it was a rabbit? I've also had chipmunks get up in my pots and eat all down to nubs!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

chey said...

It is frustrating having critters munch on, or dig up your beloved plants. It's an ongoing battle for gardeners.

Karen said...

Vonlafin -
It is sad isn't it. Someone bought the farm land behind our house and they are going to build a home on it.
Carol -
Oh I never though about chipmunks!
Chey -
It is actually my first experience with critter since I moved here in 2005. I think I was lucky though and maybe the neighbor cats had helped the past 2 years.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You and Elmer are in good company. I have rabbits too. They descimated the newly planted minature mondo grass I planted last year. The rotten things. They thought I planted them just for their dining pleasure.