Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Year of Firsts

For over 10 years I lived in a small housing addition with a very small yard, almost non-existent yard. Due to the limited space most of my gardening was done with containers, including some veggies in containers and annuals here and there around the foundation.

In October of 2005 I moved to the current home I'm living in and boy what a difference. Located in a rural small town where everybody knows you by name, seriously. I love the community and the "warm welcome" mentality of the local folks that accepted us as new neighbors. For my daughter the schools are great , with small class rooms and high learning achievements and accomplishments from staff and students. What I love the most though is the quiet surroundings, beautiful nature, things I see on a daily basis that I didn't living in the city and of course more gardening ground to work with. Located on an acre lot, the home didn't have much in the way of landscaping or plant life on the property when I moved in.

So this is where I begin "A Year of Firsts" , of all things planted and this year being the first that most have bloomed or grown enough to see a difference in my landscape.

Some things I may remember or have details, some I don't , but I will have pictures to document the progress in my little corner of the world.

Some pictures of some annuals in some of my containers: dianthus, osteospermum, begonia


beckie said...

Aren't small towns wonderful?! Almost an extended family. When our girls were small, I never worried about them out playing as I knew every house would serve as a safe place. Just as mine did. Your 'firsts' will be fun to watch and follow.

tina said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress. I too have one acre and live in a rural community, but it is not as welcoming as yours seems to be. It takes a long time to establish a garden but lucky you to have a clean slate. Beautiful pics!

Karen said...

Beckie/Tina -
Small towns are nice this day and age. When I was growing up I didn't live in a small town but the community was like a "small town", unfortuantely it isn't that way anymore.
With the garden I do sometimes get impatient for things to grow since most of it is "new". :)