Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Secrets Revealed!

Well maybe not so secret, but some things you don't know about me. Jane Marie at Thyme for Herbs tagged me for a meme. I'm supposed to tell you 6 things about myself that you don't know. So here it goes: Please don't judge too harshly, LOL :)

1. I am a neat freak. No my house is not spotless by any means, but when my kids or anyone for that matter, are cleaning I tend to be right behind them cleaning over what they cleaned "doing it right".

2. I love to learn new things. I am a hands on person and learn best by trial and error. If I screw it up, it's not a big deal to me I'll fix it and try again.

3. I like to watch the History channel, Discovery, and Animal Planet but I also tend to watch too much of the political news channels. I don't know why I do that, it just gets me all riled up or disgusted sometimes when it comes to politics, but there you have it.

4. My weakness is spending too much money on.... you guessed it, plants! **gasp** Let's just say when I have some extra money that I should be saving for a "rainy day" I just can't help but spend a little of it on a plant I want to add to my garden. Winter is the only time I'm frugal, but then you can shop on the internet for the next planting season. LOL

5. At the age of 40 I'm going to be a grandmother. Yes, I have a 20 year old daughter who is going to have a daughter of her own at the end of July. I have to confess that when I first found out I was not very excited. Geez ....I'm too young to be a grandmother, she's too young to be a mother, but what can I say I was her age when she was born. Now though I am excited and can't wait to spoil this little girl that will be coming into the world.

6. And finally, I can safely say I am with the love of my life Warren. I have to confess though when I first met Warren or (W.J.) as he likes to go by, that I did not like him. I mean I could not stand him. I thought he was obnoxious, selfish and not a nice person. (I won't put in here the other things I thought, lol) However, after some time he showed me his true self and although he can still be obnoxious, he is the most un-selfish, generous, loving person. But don't tell anyone, I don't think he wants anyone to know. LOL

So here are this Meme's Rules:

*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Write six random things about yourself.
*Tag six people at the end of your post linking to their blog.
*Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
*Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I have tagged these six bloggers. I am interested in knowing more about you, but don't feel pressured into playing along.

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2. Element at My Gardening Attempts in Texas

3. Jean Ann at Gardener to Farmer in Oregan.

4. Jamie at I Love my Garden in Wisconsin

5. Matt and Jen at Our First Garden in Indiana

6. Tina at In the Garden Tennessee


beckie said...

Karen, thanks(I think) for the tag. I may not get to it for a few days, but will play. I, too, watch a lot of the History and Discovery Channels!

Jane Marie said...

I enjoyed learning more about you. I think we all spend too much on plants. I have a theory. If you buy one or two at a time it doesn't count because you can work it right into the budget, especially when they are on sale. I save the pop bottles all year long. That's part of my money for the garden and the other part comes from Adsense clicks and Amazon sales. It takes me a long time to accumulate any money, but it's better than nothing. I'd appreciate a click now and then :) For the garden's sake, of course.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Congrats on your meme and congrats on your grand child.

That's a really good idea--the meme. It makes for very interesting blogging. I loved the last one about your husband. So much for love at first sight. Eyes meeting across a crowded room. Knowing instantly he was your soul mate;) When you get to a certain age you know that love at first sight is infatuation that may or may not grow into love. Real love builds with time and shared experience.

Rose said...

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother very soon! I think most of us, no matter the age, went through the stage of thinking "No, I'm too young to be a grandmother." But that is soon forgotten when you hold that new baby; I know you will love her dearly. I always think of my poor mother--my first son was born the day before her 40th birthday. Turning 40 and becoming a grandmother all at the same time would have been too much for me! She handled it very well, though.

I think all of us can relate to spending too much money on plants:)

tina said...

I guess I've really arrived when I have been tagged-multiple times. Please forgive me for sitting this one out. I already did it back in March and here is the link
though it will have old blogs on it. Still blogging friends? I hope so!:)

Jean Ann said...

Karen, I will definitely play, might be a day or two, but I will play...let you know when it is up!