Thursday, April 10, 2008

"The Great Rock Moving Project"

A picture of one of the many daffodils I planted last fall.

I planted some violas that I purchased from a local nursery Cox's Plant Farm . They advertise as being the largest nursery in Indiana! I don't live far from it so it's hard not to go broke when you drive by it every day wanting to stop in to see what's new. (sigh)

I finally finished one of my major projects! Preparing "The Rose Bed". I plan on adding more roses and perennials with roses being the main focal point. But first I had to move the rock out of the bed. But where to put the rock? I finally decided to put it behind the mini barn in front of the compost bins. Now we won't have to mow that narrow strip.

I pooped out towards the end of my "great rock moving project" (ha, ha). I was on my last 2 feet of rock to move and I sat down in the flower bed, scooped the rock up and flung it into the wheelbarrow. My son (15 years) thought it was funny watching me struggle towards the end. He wasn't laughing anymore when I handed him the shovel.

I put down wet newspapers in front of and around the compost bins then dumped the rock on top of it. I think laying newspaper is easier than digging and it has always worked better than landscape fabric. I had several flower beds that I had to shovel through landscape fabric that the previous home owner had laid down (pretty thickly I might add) and it was a pain to plant in and around it. Newspapers are good for the soil too!

I plan on finishing the rose bed this week and will post when I have it complete. Here are some pictures of the "work in progress".


vonlafin said...

I would love more details about Cox's plant farm. I have never heard of it. Do they have a website? Sounds like a road trip!

Karen said...


Here is their website
I'm going to stop by there today after work!