Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Rose Bed

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show

The not very good picture to the left (I desperately need a new camera, trust me it's not just me) is one of my roses from 2007.

I am creating this area to be a rose garden as I mentioned in my previous post. There are three roses I planted last year and of course I failed to keep record of their names on all but one of them. Altissimo Rose is one, and this will be it's first year to bloom (hopefully). It looks good so far this year and the little guy is starting to branch out. It's a climber and I love all things climby (is that a word?).

But anyway, here is a photo of Rose Altissimo that I found on photobucket.

Pretty huh?

The following roses to be planted here are:

As you may have noticed all of these are David Austin roses, they are my favorite . I will probably add more roses at a later date. I want to add some unique roses sometime in the future. I'm still working on this bed and will be adding some perennials. Yesterday I sowed some cosmos seed in between two of the rose's. I received the seed from a gardening magazine, so we will see if they take.

I can't wait to see them bloom! Don't you just love it!


beckie said...

I am sure your rose bed will be lovely. You have some really pretty roses picked out. I like Austin roses, too. In reading some of your previous posts, I see you have quite a lot of work planned. Just don't work too hard! Good luck.

Karen said...


I know I think I might have too many projects this spring and summer, so I've decided just to focus on one at a time, (which is hard to do sometimes) and see what gets done.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I admire anyone that can grow roses. I can't seem to get them to grow and be healthy. I will look forward to seeing your progress.

I bet the cosmos comes up. You can't hardly deny them life if you toss them out on the ground.

Garden Gnome said...

ah..roses are my favorite plants, if only I had more spaces to grow them all.

Jamie said...

Good luck with your roses! How exciting! You have some great varieties coming. I ordered my first David Austin roses this year, they should get here soon. I am so excited. It'll be cool to see yours as well. I LOVE cosmos, too. I can't wait to sow my seeds in a week or two here.

Anna said...

I'm hooked on Knock-Out roses. I know they are just easy roses but with so much gardening to take care of, it gives me the rose I want but not so much time spent worrying. I like your blog. And welcome to mine to. It's so nice to have you. I've been looking around a bit. I like your post about turkey season being open. I thought that was in November?

Karen said...

Anna -
I was intimated about gardening with roses and the "fuss" on taking care of them, until I decided to do it after my grandmother passed away (she was very fond of roses), I found that they are a lot easier than I thought they would be.