Friday, April 25, 2008

The Rose Bed - Part 2

<-------- Aquilegia Colorado Violet & White I had a case of a Waltz in the Garden as Carol from May Dreams describes in her post. This picture doesn't do it justice, it's such a beautiful deep violet/purple color. This is planted in my "Rose Bed project".

The pictures with the rock in it were taken about three weeks ago.

The picture below of the corner trellis is newly planted 'Abraham Darby'. Picture on the right is another view from the deck, oops the brick is a bit crooked.
Below the picture on the left is Altissimo in front of the trellis. I'm not sure about the shrub rose beside it, when in bloom it has tiny white flowers. Also planted by Altissimo is newly planted Aster 'Woods Blue' (another impulse buy). To the far left of Altissimo is 'Rose of Sharon' with pink blooms. The picture below that shows some more roses, I'm not sure what species the rose on the left side of the picture is, but when in bloom it looks like 'Rise-n-Shine' . The little guy next to it is newly planted 'Pat Austin'.

Another view of 'Abraham Darby' with lavender and a white blooming hydrangea in the corner , oops I see another out of place brick.

Everything is coming along and growing fast.

I can't wait to post pictures when all is in bloom!


Nancy J. Bond said...

I had a blue Rose of Sharon and they are really beautiful shrubs. All your flowers look like they're doing very well. Don't worry about a brick here and there that might be out of place...those little imperfections just add to a garden's charm, in my opinion. :)

Carol said...

That columbine is a lovely dance partner. I can see why you got it.

And those rose beds are going to be beautiful once everything starts to bloom.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I was quite interested to see your white rocks against the red brick. Our house has white stone against red brick. White stone that has been there since the 60's and 70's and no matter how much I dig, there is more stone waiting underneath. And just when I think I've got it all, more rock wiggles up through the earth. But it looks as if you have conquered the evil white rocks. Is it true???

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sherry at the Zoo

Karen said...

Sherry -
I wouldn't say I conquered all of the evil rocks... still a few here and there (hidden under the mulch) lol

Carol -
I am looking forward to some blooms... did you hear we may get a freeze or frost Tuesday night.? arghhh!

Nancy -
I've seen the blue Rose of Sharon and think it is the most beautiful color... I inherited the pink one when I bought the house.