Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wild Turkey Anyone?

This particular whiskey is a "medium-bodied Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a rich amber hue". No, I'm not indulging, nor have I ever had the pleasure (or dis-pleasure depending on your point of view) of consuming this particular whiskey. Notice I said particular? I won't lie, I have had a drink or two of whiskey in my younger days.

With drink concoctions containing Wild Turkey that have names of "Are you tough enough?", "I See Dead People", "Southern Death Cult" and "Deer Killer" just to name a few, I don't think I will be drinking it anytime soon.

So, what does this have to do with gardening ? Not a thing, but today is the start of "Turkey Hunting Season" in Indiana.

On Sunday Warren was cooking us a nice fine steak on the grill, mmmmm good, (sorry I'm digressing). He hollers at me (I use "holler" as he does, he was born and raised in Alabama), come here listen. I listen........ and hear..... "gobble, gobble". Yep, we have wild turkeys in our area.

I'm now on the look out for these rascals. I hear but don't see, until.......... I am on my way to work Monday, not too far from home and what do I see...............


BrooklynBlue said...

Hi Karen,
I recently wrote up a review of Wild Turkey bourbon actually.

You're right that it's not for the faint of heart, but it's a good whiskey. It makes a mean Manhattan. (in a good way!)

Matt and Jen said...

Hey Karen,
This is a little off topic, but one time Matt and I visited the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY where we took a tour and saw the world's smallest still and the world's oldest still. It's best to do the sampling and then take the tour though. lol -Jen :)

Karen said...

Jen -
I make trips south at least once or twice a year, I'll have to check it out and try some samples too! :)

Brooklynblue -
I liked your article! Very informative. I'll have to try a Manhattan! :)